Compare Roofing Materials When Replacement is Required

When asphalt shingles have been in place for twenty years, they have to be replaced. More reasons for replacement include extensive damage, upgrading, and faulty installation, among others. There are many elements to consider before replacing a roof. The first element is to be sure a total replacement is really necessary.

Replacement is expensive so have the roof inspected to determine if Roof Repair may still be an option. If the roof repair cost will save money and put off replacement so the homeowner has more time to plan, it is worth considering. Repairs that will be as high as half the cost of a new roof, it is wiser to replace the roof.

A Wide Variety of Materials

Shingles are the most common type of roofing materials, but that is quickly changing for residential settings. Newer materials are available that will last longer, require little to no maintenance, and are more cost-effective. Comparing total costs over the life of the roof instead of simply focusing on the initial costs, will save homeowners time, money, and hassle. It is also beneficial to compare positives and negatives of each option.

Wood shingles and shakes, for example, can last up to fifty years when installed in dry climates. These will cost more than asphalt initially, but will not have to be replaced often. There are serious drawbacks to wood. They provide zero fire resistance and can dry out quickly. Quality of this material for roofing applications has declined iver the last ten years, making roof damage more of a risk.

Explore Metal Roofing for the Home

Traditionally only used for manufacturing and commercial buildings, more and more homeowners are selecting metal tiles or panels when the roof has to be replaced. This is due to the a multitude of benefits. Metal panels are the better choice of the two forms. Panels are seamless, which eliminates roof leak repair costs. They also require no maintenance while tiles do require a certain amount of maintenance, which adds to overall costs.

Metal is available with lifetime warranties depending on the manufacturer. That means zero replacement costs. Combine that with zero maintenance and the savings are obvious. The higher initial costs, compared to shingles, are well worth the opportunity to have no other costs over the years.

Adding a reflective coating to the panels will save even more money for homeowners. The demands on the cooling system in the home are reduced by ten to fifteen percent. Not only with that lower utility costs permanently, it may also qualify the household for federal tax credit due to the energy-efficiency.